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Raising Funds and Friends for Campus Ministry

Campus ministries can learn more about fund-raising and board development through a cooperative effort by the Ecumenical Campus Ministry Team (ECMT).

Since 2010, the Rev. Dr. Galen Hora has provided consulting services for the Ecumenical Campus Ministry Team. Previously he served as the Assistant Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He is a career campus pastor, having served at six universities over the span of 30 years.

The initiative offers:

  • Full day training seminars open to all campus ministry staff and board/committee members. Personal consultations are available in specific locations on occasion, in conversation with denominational representatives to the ECMT.

  • Printed resources online, specifically Ask & Receive and the First Monday Reports.

  • A Facebook page continues to offer resources and dialogue.

  • Webinars are offered several times a year at no cost on topics of interest to local ministries.

  • Supportive mentoring by phone or e-mail may be facilitated upon request.
Dr. Hora's consulting services are provided at no cost. Local organizations are expected to cover travel and related expenses.

"Financial and organizational support for campus ministries of the mainline denominations has been in transition for the past several decades," Hora says. "The flow of benevolence dollars from regional and churchwide sources has diminished considerably. This trend is not likely to be reversed, making it imperative that in order for campus ministries to continue, new and focused strategies must be developed with all due care and expediency at local levels."

Hora continues, "Efforts to raise funds and friends for local campus ministries must be increased, sharpened, and guided, along with crucial attention to the purpose and structure of local boards/committees, as leadership takes on new and significant responsibilities in this arena. These two dynamics of fundraising and board development are parallel and inseparable. For local campus ministries to go beyond surviving to thriving, training and support needs to be provided for those who strive to lead these ministries forward."

Ministries interested in hosting a workshop should complete this form and send it to Dennis Landon at Additional contact information is available on the form.